Extension of their Friendship

1254 Words

“Husband, I prepared your uniform.” Acting like a perfect housewife, Akane welcomed us at the front door, my uniform carefully held in her hand. Apart from looking after Minoru who seemed to still be asleep, Akane prepared everything for me. Upon seeing that, Miwa-nee smiled and left us alone as she went up the stairs to check on Minoru. On the other hand, I stepped forward and hugged my diligent wife. “Thank you, wife. Here, we bought something you will like.” I raised the small pouch containing the bread we bought. Although we already ate earlier before we left to take the car, I just know that this silly girl wouldn’t be able to resist it. It’s from that famous bakeshop after all. Like I expected. As soon as she sniffed the delicious aroma coming from it, Akane gave me a kiss bef

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