Supporting her decision *

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From the current atmosphere and the heat coming off our bodies, our bodies began perspiring. I could feel a bead of sweat sliding down from my forehead as my lower body continued on its endeavor. With her insides throbbing intensely every time I would reach her deepest, Miwa-nee would shiver slightly from how pleasurable it was for her. In time, Miwa-nee lost her strength as she eventually laid her body down on the table. I paused my hips for a while to pull her closer before resuming grinding her insides. With how much love juices she could produce, my c**k was sliding in and out of her with ease despite how tightly her insides gripped at it. Whenever Miwa-nee would ask for a bit of time to catch her breath, her legs would tighten to my back before her arms would pull my upper body do

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