Presenting the Plan

1687 Words

"You're early. That's a miracle, Onoda-kun. Did the heavens flip?" Ishida-senpai remarked as soon as she entered the room and saw me inside. However, she's certainly pleased upon seeing me in the room that she turned a blind eye to the two girls clinging on my left and right. "I promised… Ah no. The truth is I got free time so I went straight here." "You know you shouldn't have corrected yourself. In any case, have you prepared it?" Ishida-senpai shook her head and sat at her seat, away from us. Perhaps she didn't want to be unnecessarily exposed to seeing us sticking close together. Well, even if she already said not to be too overly affectionate in this clubroom, Kana and Rae couldn't help it. "Yes. Here it is." Gently plucking myself away from the two girls, I stood up and handed he

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