Uncontained Curiosity

1979 Words

After spending some time in the Literature Club Room, trying to calm Ishida-senpai's mood who became flustered from what I said and hearing the two girls' opinions about the plan for the Cultural Festival we drew up, I left on a good note. Surprisingly, just when I was about to turn my heels towards the Student Council Room's direction, I was called out by someone else. "Onoda-kun, wait!" Turning to the direction of the voice, I saw the previously behaved Otsuka-senpai with renewed shining glint on her eyes. Her period is over, huh? Now, her overly curious nature came back. "Hah… Thank you for stopping. Why are you leaving early again? I couldn't get the chance to talk to you." Amidst her gasps for breath, Otsuka-senpai stopped in front of me. "You know why, senpai. By the way, how's

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