Practice Match

1524 Words

"Onoda. Why are you…" On our way to the Gymnasium, Sakuma suddenly appeared from the School Building. His inquisitive eyes immediately scanned both Nami and me. He already knew that Nami is also close to me because of that time when they helped me to clean that club room. However, after his talk with Satsuki, he probably thought there's also something going on between the two of us. Even if he didn't complete his sentence, he's clearly asking why I am with Nami now when I was just with Satsuki earlier. Good thing that when we entered the School Grounds, Nami let go of my hand and just stayed close to me. She's aware that there will be many eyes that could recognize us especially when even Shizu-senpai saw me with Satsuki all the way from the Student Council Room.. "Sakuma-kun, are you

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