From Satsuki to Nami

1693 Words

The talk between Satsuki and Sakuma lasted for 10 minutes. As soon as Satsuki left the room her head turned from left and right to scan and catch my figure. When she did see me, Satsuki was almost running as she closed the distance separating us. Even from afar, I could see that her eyes were about to burst to tears and that was enough for me to get worried. Due to that, I didn't wait for her to arrive at where I was. Instead, I also walked towards her, catching her in my arms. "What happened?" I asked and she answered while shaking her head. "I just wanted to be in your arms like this. Hug me, Ruki" With her unusually lowered voice, Satsuki tightened and buried her face on my shoulder. Soon enough, I could feel it getting wet from her tears, her soft sobbing filling my ears. Hearin

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