Devising a Plan with Mori (1)

1618 Words

3rd period started but the teacher called in sick. Shio showed up to tell us that it's self-studying time. No one objected. Well, who would? Everyone welcomes free time like this. I want to go out but yeah, they might think something's wrong with me if I use the excuse of restroom again. And it will not be just me going out. Those from the delinquent group left the room, probably trying to skip it. As long as they don't run into a teacher, they'll be safe. Surprisingly or maybe not? Harada chose to be left behind. And yeah, like earlier, her focus was on me. I even saw Fukuda glaring at me before they left but he must be already used to that girl's personality. But I have to be prepared for Fukuda or rather their group's retaliation. Those guys were hot headed and full of their made up

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