Itou's Older Sister

2253 Words

Starting the week with too many troublesome things, my enthusiasm dropped to a degree. At least when the class officially started, Shio stopped focusing on me. What's wrong with her? She didn't reply and the next thing she did was to send me back to her room. Will she answer my question there? Maybe, she doesn't want to talk about it over the chat. When the 1st period ended, I excused myself to go to the restroom. Err well, I got a message from Haruko to go somewhere. She said someone was waiting for me. There are only a few minutes of free time, who would want to meet me? One of her lovers? When I opened the empty room, well, there is one here on the 1st floor. Somewhere along the storage room where the cleaning materials were stored. I marked it so I can use it in the future. There are

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