Troublesome Start of the Week

2482 Words

Like I thought, Akane was waiting for me at the door when I arrived. Well, I did message her when I got off the station. I'm a bit exhausted but seeing this girl's smile is enough to cut that in half. Giving her the cake I bought, we ate dinner she prepared before eating that cake as dessert. She didn't say anything and just let me rest on her lap as we watched TV in the living room. School will resume tomorrow so I won't see her for a whole day. Tsk. My possessiveness is telling me to keep her by my side at all times. But yeah, I have to control this and turn it into something else. "What are you thinking, husband?" "I'm thinking about how I can keep you by my side." "i***t husband. I'm already at your side. How was your trip?" "Both went well. Yae, she's mine again. And Satsuki,

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