On the Way Home

2502 Words

"Onoda!" Sakuma appeared from a corner. Looks like he ran from his house to here. This guy. He's this fast when it concerns Satsuki. Too bad, I already claimed her as mine. "Yo. Why did you want to meet? It's getting dark." "Eh? Ah. What did you do at Maemura's house?" His inquisitive look tells me he's suspecting something. At least he's this sharp. But he will not know what really happened. He won't pick up her scent on me, right? "It's a secret, i***t. Maemura told me not to tell anyone." "Eh? Why?" "Who knows? She suddenly told me to come here. Ah. I'll give you a hint since you're a friend." "You're not playing with me, are you?" Of course, I'm playing with you. I promised her to help you confess to her. Ah. If they started dating, Satsuki will probably want to act upon that

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