Like a Boat

1702 Words

After Akane returned to her seat and I gave everyone the same treatment even if they didn’t ask me to because of embarrassment or they’re not just envious of what they witnessed, the introduction resumed. With Shizu not being able to refute Ria and the other girls’ follow-up question, she gloomily sat down on one corner. Due to that, I called out to her and asked Aya to give her the seat for a while. While the other girls began to socialize with each other, starting from Nami talking to Akane or Satsuki talking to Miyako, I held Shizu closely and whispered in her ears. “What do you think? Are we lovers or not?” “I’m a stubborn woman... While everything you heard was true, I still... wished for you to become mine alone.” “Shizu-senpai, am I right? That’s also what everyone wished for.

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