A Free Ride

1311 Words

As we were going to the train station, all of a sudden, a car stopped in front of us. It’s a familiar car and it’s something that passed my mind earlier. It was the same black that I rode in last Tuesday. If Mizuki was there, not seeing her car was kind of strange. As it turned out, it was outside. Perhaps making rounds in our neighborhood or parked somewhere near but I failed to notice it when I arrived with Nami and the others earlier. Confused that a car stopped in front of us, Miyako, Chii and Eimi that were walking with me all reflexively hid behind and the same as them, my body reacted instinctively to become their shield, hiding them all behind me. Although there’s little to no possibility that the car wasn’t being driven by Mizuki’s chauffeur, Suzuki-san, it’s better to be prep

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