Coach, do you have a crush on him?

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When Suzuki dropped us off at the location I mentioned to her, we successfully met up with Sena, Aika, Yua, Elizabeth, Yukari and Miho. After seeing the three girls with me, all of them got more curious about Chii who still had her gyaru look. With her hair dyed pink and thin but not simple makeup, they’re wondering how I managed to catch her. However, when Chii greeted them, it was her real self and not her gyaru persona which made Elizabeth stop on what she was planning to do. Just looking at how she posed in front of us, the chuunibyou was about to give a speech, putting her above Chii while acting like the cursed princess that she was. Eimi, on the other hand, was somewhat overwhelmed due to how she was suddenly in front of more... slightly popular girls. Perhaps in her mind, she’s

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