Dawn of the 4th Week

1632 Words

"Are you still there, Nami?" Since the sky is already dark, I doubt she'll still be there. Even if it's not me, Shizu-senpai will surely tell her to go home with her. "Sorry, Ruu. Shizu-nee dragged me out to go home." Nami's face showed up on the screen and behind her, Shizu-senpai was in her casual clothes. The two of them could really be mistaken as siblings if they're together. "Onoda-kun, you won't hold it against me, will you?" Shizu-senpai asked in her usual tone. It's still a bit stiff but I could tell how she softened up compared from our first encounter. "Of course not, senpai. In fact, I'm thankful you didn't leave Nami. I'm the one who needs to apologize, I didn't account for the time it would take me to go back…" I got too indulged at being by Satsuki's side and watching

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