Love Hotel *

1843 Words

I thought of taking Satsuki to eat somewhere quiet, however, when we passed by a Ramen Shop, her eyes brightened and pulled me inside. The smell of ramen that was oozing out from the shop made her want to try it. Also, we didn't eat lunch, that's why the smell of it became too appetizing for her. Due to that, instead of walking more, we settled in a currently rowdy ramen shop. Luckily, the shop is big enough and it has a few tables away from those rowdy ones eating at the counter. Satsuki chose a bigger serving than normal of tonkotsu ramen with two big slices of meat as its toppings while I chose a shoyu variety. Well, I could skip eating and just watch her enjoy it but it might embarrass her so I also bought one. The way she stuffed the ramen and the meat displayed how hungry she wa

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