Action Speaks Louder

2272 Words

"Where did the two of you go?" Ogawa welcomed us with his question when we went back upstairs. He was being jealous again but because of what I told him earlier, he's probably still a bit confused that his question this time sounded soft. He kept my words 'don't make her feel uncomfortable' in mind. Sakuma also looked on silently while Mori's eyes looked glum. Out of the three, Mori's the only one who somewhat knew about my relationship with Nami but what's with that expression? Is she looking glum because Ogawa still only has his eyes on Nami or is it because of me…? "I asked her to come out with me." Before going back, Nami asked about what will be our excuse but because of how abrupt we did it, there's no proper excuse to make so I told her that I'll just have to be honest that I a

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