At the Side Door Once Again

1825 Words

As I was making my way to the Gymnasium, I could already imagine Satsuki telling me I'm late while glaring at me. That girl was always not honest in her words but her actions were always more than honest. With Sakuma out of the way, she now always expresses how she wanted to be with me, even in Messenger. During her practice, she will always send something like 'i***t. When will you come and see me?' with an attached picture of her in practice uniform. When I arrived at that side door we always use to meet up, I messaged Satsuki that I arrived. I don't know if they're still in the meeting so I have to make sure. After 5 minutes, there's still no response which means they're still in the meeting room. To pass the time I checked the other messages and saw a new message from Nao. "Ruki.

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