Inside the Locker Room *

2311 Words

Now, I was sitting on the bench inside the locker room where the other club members were sitting whenever they're changing and with Satsuki kneeling in front of me. With all the lockers around us, Satsuki's whole focus was on my pants that she was trying to take off. Once we're inside this room, Satsuki pulled me and had me sit on this bench. I don't know what's on her mind but, after all that kissing we did earlier, our desire for each other was probably at maximum right now. "Do you need help?" "Shut up. i***t. I can do this." With a red tint on her face, Satsuki pulled on my belt and pulled my zipper down before she unbuttoned my pants. When she started to pull it down, I lifted my hips a bit to let the pants slide off from my back. Now with only my underpants covering what's insi

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