Shio and Aya

1594 Words

When we left the Gymnasium, I walked Satsuki to her bus station before I went back to pick up Aya.  With how late it was already, Satsuki kept to my side along the way, hugging my arm. After all that we did there, Satsuki acting that honest also made me love her more. Despite her acting tsundere and her jealousness towards seeing Nami and Aya close to me, she accepted them easily. After seeing her off on her bus, I immediately went back to the Club Building and visited the Book Club first to check on Himeko and Haruko. Nami already went home with Shizu-senpai, she even sent me a picture of them together. With my confession to Shizu-senpai earlier, I didn't expect her to see Nami. Nami is usually going home with Ogawa and their group. Maybe Shizu-senpai still hasn't processed my confessi

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