The Girl who Relies on Her Knowledge (2)

1812 Words

"I-I can't move yet." "The nurse said to let you rest here. Don't mind the remaining class." She flinched but she had trouble speaking what's on her mind. This is her flaw. "B-but." "What is it? If you don't tell me what you're thinking then there's no way I can understand you." Another flinch and she reached for the sleeves of my uniform. "S-stay here. I'm scared to be alone." "I see. Alright. Look how easy it is to say what's on your mind." I sat back at the chair beside her bed. This is too troublesome but I can't just leave her when she's like that. She might force herself to go to her class, and of course I will be blamed for letting her. Tsk. If only Satsuki or Nami was the one on that bed, I would be delighted to share the bed with either of them. "But it's easier and depe

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