Infirmary Visitor

1847 Words

"O-onoda..." Fujii's pleading eyes stared at me. I'm still a few centimetres away from her lips. Her breath that escaped her mouth when she said that entered my nostrils. It smelled sweet like the juice she just drank. "Do you understand now?" "Y-yes. So please. Don't kiss me." Hearing that, my head stopped descending but stayed at that position. Our eyes were locked at each other. Even behind those glasses of her, I could sense what it wanted to convey. She's scared and confused. She didn't know how it suddenly escalated to this development. "So, Fujii, will you allow me to steal you?" "I-I don't know. I never thought of that. I'm grateful for what you did, but this…" Lifting my head away from her, I went back to my previous seat and freed her hand. I really am too forceful. This

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