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"That senpai. Is she your girlfriend?" "No. But she's mine." With my answer, she once again became confused. She really was awake. I wonder at which point. "I can't understand. Is she your slave? "No. Why slave?" "You said she's yours. Only a slave can be owned." "That's your knowledge again. You can't have a slave nowadays. It's already abolished." What I said was right. She once again relied on her knowledge. "Then tell me." "You'll be like her if you let me steal you. You'll be mine" "W-what? So that's it." "Yes. You understand, right?" She averted her gaze again but she still answered me. "Yes… But why do you want to steal me? "Because I want you Fujii." "I don't know what to answer. That senpai said she loves you but you didn't say you love her too." "There's a reason

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