Nogizaka Kana (3)

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I followed Kana-senpai to the Club Building. It's separate from the School Building. Since it's club recruitment day, there's not a lot of people loitering at the building. Most of them are out there trying to poach new members for their clubs. Kana-senpai's walking pace isn't that fast and because of her rather short legs, I can follow her easily. When we entered the building and saw no one in the vicinity, I walked next to her and in the process grabbed her hand. Crossing our fingers together. Though surprised, Kana-senpai didn't resist, instead she clasped it tighter. If someone saw us, they'll probably think we're a couple. Of course, I don't want that. So I keep watching our surroundings. I'll let go if there's someone. "Our clubroom is on the 3rd floor." Kana-senpai said to me when we reached the stairs. "You're cute today as well senpai." I whispered to her ear. "Muu Ruki-kun. Don't joke again." I stop midway where we turn to another set of stairs and push her to the wall at the corner. This place is somehow out of sight so we don't have a big risk of being seen. I can hear if there's someone coming whether it be upstairs or downstairs. "I can't wait until we're at the clubroom senpai. Can I kiss you?" "Y-you can't here. S-someone might see." So she's not against the idea of kissing me now. "It won't take long, senpai. When I saw you earlier, I wanted to run to you and kiss you right there." "E-eh? You can't there. Kenji's there." "I know. That's why I resisted. See?" "T-then just a bit." Kana-senpai closed her eyes and raised her chin, giving me the OK to kiss her. This girl is too cute. Much so because she's dating someone. I can't contain this excitement I'm feeling. I really need to vent it out on her. "Open your eyes senpai. Look at me." She docilely does what I said. Her face is turning red again. Her cherry-coloured lips that I tasted yesterday are waiting for me. Overlapping my lips on hers I start sucking on it. This kiss that should have been just a normal kiss, I wanted more. Without warning, I plunged my tongue inside her mouth once again. The sweet taste I tasted yesterday is still there. Maybe this is how her saliva really tasted. I pull her tongue out and tangle mine on hers all the while embracing my hands on her back, pulling her closer to me. Her still tongue just earlier is now fighting my tongue, sometimes she's the one invading my mouth and when she did, I suck on it hard making her gasp at the intensity. I know I shouldn't do more here so I stopped after 2 minutes. We're both panting for breath but then her erotic face showed a smile to me. It's too beautiful. It's more beautiful than her face in that picture. I wonder if she already showed this face on that Kenji guy. Probably not. She's too conservative for the past year that even dating for a year, they never did it yet. She only shows this to me. And only me. Not just this face. She'll show me more when the time comes, the face exclusively for me. I pulled her hand and clasped it on mine again. "Is there anyone inside the clubroom right now?" I asked her in which she shook her head as an answer. "They're all out there. Apart from us three at the tent, there's another one giving out flyers in front of the gate. "I see. We'll have more time for ourselves senpai." "Y-yes." It didn't take long for us to reach the clubroom. It was even at the end of the right corridor. There are little to no people on the 3rd floor. Those who are here are inside their respective clubrooms. "Here it is. Ruki-kun." Kana-senpai opened the door to the clubroom. There are various papers and books scattered around. On the far left covering the window is a whiteboard. There are several articles posted on it and some ideas they are probably brainstorming in. I followed Kana-senpai inside and closed the door behind. I felt the lock button on the knob and pressed it. The sound of lock didn't escape Kana-senpai's ears. She turned around to me. I can see a trace of fear on her eyes. Did the situation now sink on her? But I have to remove that. I don't want her to be scared of me. I'm not an S who enjoys dominating women. I just want to steal another guy's girl. It gives me the most satisfaction. But if the girl's an M, I don't mind being an S. I studied a lot and experimented on my trophies back in middle school so being an S is easy for me to act. But Kana-senpai isn't an M, she'll hate me and will probably fail this conquest if she did. "R-ruki-kun, why did you lock it?" "Don't worry senpai. Just for a bit. I want to be alone with you." "But we're already alone." This is enough, I don't have to scare her. Locking it is part of my plan. There's not really a meaning whether it's locked or not. They'll know something is wrong if they find it locked, likewise they'll find something wrong if they open it when we're in the middle of doing something. "You're right senpai. Sorry. I'll unlock it now." I moved back to the door and unlocked it like she wanted. "Thank you Ruki-kun." "Senpai." I called out to her. She was in the middle of organizing the papers on the table. She's probably thinking of showing it to me for reading. Well, Kenji guy told me to read something, but I don't want to read something in particular. I wanted to do something. I want to continue where we left off. Watching her working back I hug her from behind. Kana-senpai jumped out in surprise but she didn't remove my arms enclosing her waist. "I can look at that later senpai. I want to focus on you for now." I kiss her nape then I move on to suck on one of her earlobes. When she felt my lips nibbling on her ear, Kana-senpai started trembling again. Her hands that were working at the papers stopped. "Why do you like me Ruki-kun? You know I already have Kenji. We're doing something wrong." Of course, despite not struggling at what I'm doing, Kana-senpai still has her reasons. She's just experiencing a new sensation right now that's why her resistance is this low. This new sensation in which she's doing something she should not. This sensation that I always love to do. This sensation gives the life of Classmate A the most excitement. "You're really beautiful senpai and I want to make you mine. Even if it's not your heart. I don't care." Yeah, if she gives me her heart, I won't care about her anymore. It's better if she stays in love with Kenji. That way we can both experience this sensation. I turned her face to me and plunged my tongue inside it again. No one will see us now so my hands which are itching since yesterday started to explore Kana-senpai's body. Kana-senpai responded to my kiss and her tongue moved along with mine. I can feel the heat of our bodies combining together. Her sweet saliva and her fragrant breath are making me more intoxicated to her. "I love Kenji, Ruki-kun. But this sensation you're giving me. I also love this." Kana-senpai said in between our kisses. My arms that were circled around her waist turned her around before pulling her ever closer to me. Feeling her soft and small body, it's making me want to hold this cute and shy senpai all day. If that Kenji see us like this, I will not let her go, in fact I'm now thinking of kicking him out to give us the privacy we needed. "You can keep loving him senpai. But your body is mine okay? Don't let him be this intimate with you." She felt my arms tightening around her and this time she's not showing any resistance anymore. I guess she knew we'll eventually reach this point. "You know he wanted to continue yesterday, but I told him we can't. Am I turning bad Ruki-kun?" "No, you're not. Kana-senpai. Can I call you Kana?" Although I wanted to do more with her, now's not the time. For now, I will let her fall into depravity more that she will start being more excited with me than when she's with that Kenji guy. Kissing her lips once again, we continued savoring each other's taste. "Hahh... Yes, you can. I'll also call you Ruki when we're alone." Ah. What is this? Has she fallen already? Have I already conquered Kana? I thought she would be against it but for her to give in this easily… Let's test it. "I want you, Kana." I whispered into her ears before nibbling on it once more. Understanding my words, Kana finally showed me another reaction. She pulled her head away before shaking her head to the left and right continuously. While her head was lowered, she whispered back. "W-we can't. Not here Ruki." Ah. Not here? I knew it. Though she's seemingly already fallen,she still doesn't want to lose her precious first time here in this clubroom. Or perhaps I need more time to work on her. Everything about her was somewhat easy. Just like before, I think I have to know more about her first. Because I kissed her easily and swayed her to my whims, I might be getting ahead of myself here. "I see. You're right Kana. Later, can you come with me?" "Where?" "My house." Before answering, Kana closed her eyes. She's probably thinking if it's fine for her to accept my invitation. After a minute, she opened it again "… Okay." Upon hearing her answer, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face. My desire to conquer her has been heightened to maximum. - - After hearing her answer, we went back to what we're doing and just savor the little bit of time we had. Although I left a hickey on her left shoulder when I had the chance, unless she took off her uniform, no one would be able to see it. Once we're done, we did the 'purpose' of why she guided me to this clubroom. I helped Kana organize the papers and tried reading the club's previous pieces. Since no one was about to come, I once again drew near her and we started playing at each other. As it turns out, she likes biting my ear whenever I started concentrating on reading the pieces she brought out. To answer to that, I punished her by giving her more hickey on both of her shoulders. I would then take her into my lap and we would start making out again. Haa... I couldn't get enough of this girl. And all of this with the possibility of someone opening that door and seeing what we're doing. And that's how we spent the morning inside the quiet Literature Clubroom. When the bell rang for the start of classes and no one from the club came back. We decided to go out and go to our respective classes. On the way though, we ran to Ishida-senpai, on her side was the materials they had back at the tent. She told Kana that Kenji and the other club members were still at the tent. I don't know if she felt something different but she kept on alternating her gaze between us. Maybe she's starting to suspect that something happened between us? Anyway, I don't really care if she did. There's no evidence anyway. Kana told me to go first since she's an official member while I'm not,. I kissed her again before we parted ways. With the time we spent being together, perhaps I've already put myself deep in her mind. The only thing left is to conquer her completely. I don't need to rush. That time will soon come. When I arrived at the classroom, there were still almost half of the class who hadn't arrived. Perhaps, because it's the club recruitment day, Ms. Miyazaki is lenient with latecomers.
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