Nogizaka Kana (2)

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I didn't waste time when I saw that. Looking at her cherry-coloured lips, I unhesitatingly kiss it, covering it with my lips and suck on it. Though she's not responding to my kiss. She's trembling more at my kiss. Her hands were clenched tightly at her side. Her lips taste sweet. It tastes like the bread we were eating. I continue kissing her, moving my lips, sucking the lower then changing to her upper lips. My hand that's on her waist held onto it tighter while pulling her closer. I wonder what that Kenji guy would think. Her girlfriend is now here with me. Allowing herself to be kissed by someone she only met yesterday. Someone who took their erotic picture and used it to get her number. Ah, this excitement. This is what I want. I can once again feel the reaction on my lower body. I'm thinking to get her hand and put it on top of it but it's too early. I need more time. As I continued to kiss Kana-senpai. Her lips that's not moving are now responding. She also started sucking my lips. I look at her face. Her eyes are still closed shut. She's not using her tongue. Maybe she doesn't know how to? I'll teach her then. I separate my lips from hers. That made her closed eyes open a bit. "O-onoda-kun?" She whispered. That sounds so sexy. "One more senpai. Can I? Don't close your eyes." She nodded then opened her eyes. I saw myself reflected on it. And probably she saw herself reflected on my eyes. Can she see how cute and sexy she is right now? I don't wait long and once again overlap my lips on hers. She's responding to my kisses and her hands now moved to embrace me. When I feel her getting comfortable to our kiss, my tongue invades her mouth. I feel it hit her teeth but slowly, she's opening it allowing my tongue to seek hers. It didn't take long to find her tongue. I immediately entangled it on mine. Sucking on it and tasting her saliva. At first, she just let me do what I want but gradually she also started sucking on my tongue. Kana-senpai is now fully accepting my kiss. Our first deep kiss. We continued on it until we ran out of breath. When we separated. I can see a trail of saliva at the corner of her mouth. I can't resist myself so I lick it before she even notices. She was surprised but I didn't see any resistance. Kana-senpai enjoyed our kiss. She's so flushed right now and maybe me too that we looked like drunks. We just continue staring at each other. I don't take my eyes off her but Kana-senpai being the shy and cute type. She couldn't hold long. Embarrassed, she turned her head away, then picked up her unfinished bread. She started to eat it again. "Thank you senpai. You taste sweet. I feel like I'm getting drunk on you." I said as I watched her eat her bread. She didn't say anything but I can see her blushing more. She continued eating it and as soon as she finished. The school bell rang, indicating the end of our lunch break. - - I let her go first when the bell rang. It's bad if someone sees us coming together. Below us is the floor for 3rd years. I got scolded by the teacher when I arrived 5 minutes late. Luckily, it's not just me who's late so I didn't stand out that much. It's bad for Classmate A to be someone recognized as a unique character. I just told the excuse that I fell asleep. I should be mindful of the time when meeting Kana-senpai now. At least, I got some progress. I got to kiss her this fast. And not just an ordinary kiss. A french kiss. Ah s**t. I'm getting hard again. Good thing it's covered by my desk. That Kenji guy has no idea that while he was called by the teacher, his girlfriend was having an intimate moment with me. He doesn't even know my existence. Ah, I need a countermeasure. That Kenji guy is probably thinking about finishing what they're doing yesterday. I need to prevent that. He can kiss her but he can't do that again. I'll own Kana-senpai but she'll still be his girlfriend. I used the time when the teacher was writing on the board to send a mail to Kana-senpai. "Ah. Now, I can't believe that's not your girlfriend Onoda. You're even sending her mail during class." Sakuma started again behind me. "Shut up. Believe what you want. Go get yourself one so you'll stop trying to give me an imaginary girlfriend." I heard Maemura giggled beside me. "Onoda. That guy can't get one you know. They always get creeped out by him." Looks like these two knew each other from middle school. Heh. If he ever got one, I'll see if I can steal that too. This Maemura is a beauty as well, I wonder if she has one. Her beauty isn't that outstanding but it's still on par on most of the girls I stole during middle school. Just her long legs are enough for one to drool on it. Her nape looks sexy as well. If she ever had a boyfriend, I want to leave a hickey there. "Shut up Maemura. You can't get one too. You always scare them with your long legs." Oh. So they're somewhat alike eh. Maybe they like each other but both can't be honest? Anyway… "Why don't you two date each other then?" Ah, I'm getting excited. If they really did then Maemura will be in my strike zone. Someone sitting next to me and her boyfriend behind me. I can imagine myself playing with her during class. "No way in hell!" "Impossible!" They're in concert eh. This is hilarious. At this reaction, it's a common cliche. Maybe I can help them get together then steal Maemura right after. Or is it better during? Then she'll accept his confession while my semen is deep inside her. That's truly an exciting thought. I can't wait to try that out. "Sakuma. Maemura. Stand up!" the teacher shouted from his desk. The students' laughter rang around the classroom. Yeah, there's no way the teacher won't hear it when they both shouted their rejection on my thought. "That was amusing Onoda." The girl at my left commented while giggling. Ah. She's usually quiet. I didn't know she's listening to us. If I remember correctly her name is Rindou. She's someone you can call an introvert. She only talks when talked to. This is the first time I hear her talking and giggling like that. Yesterday, she just listened and used gestures to answer. The class passed by with only that slight interruption by Sakuma and Maemura happening. Today, I agreed to join those who invited me yesterday at going home. There's still tomorrow for Kana-senpai. I'll let her be with her boyfriend for now. She's probably still thinking about our kiss so even if that guy wants to do something, he can't. Plus my mail to her will stop her as well. Going home with them, they only talk about their type of girls. Those in class and those at the neighbouring classes. They still haven't laid their eyes on the upperclassmen yet since this is still the 2nd day. According to their conversation, there's a top beauty in Class 3. We're at Class 1 by the way. And that beauty is already going out with someone. To who that is, no one knew. If that's true. She's a possible target. I can't find a chance to make a move on Ms. Miyazaki yet but I'm sure I will find it soon. I wonder, they're talking about classmates and those at the same year while I'm here thinking about our married teacher. Since I'm the Classmate A, I also joined in on their conversation a bit. Just to show my presence there. I have to act normally. And because of that, I got another info on a possible target. They talked about a secret couple in class. As to who that couple is, there are only speculations. It's funny that their speculation is within that main protagonist and main heroine group. I'll just observe, for now, there's still Kana-senpai anyway. Going at it one at a time is better than dividing my focus. ---- The third day of the school year. I was ambushed by various club recruiters. Ah. I forgot that the 3rd day is the Club Recruitment day. I wonder which club I should join. I need a laidback one where I can relax. I'll hold it off until the deadline. There's no rush. No rush. I keep walking towards the door to the school building. Dodging each and every flyer flying at my face. If only Kana-senpai is the one handing those out, I'll try their club so I can have time to spend with her. Ah. Speaking of the devil. It's not even 5 seconds when I think of that when I see her figure. She's at the tent of their club. I don't know if it was intuition but her head turned to my direction just a bit after I stared at her. I saw her eyes sparkle for a second then her face flushed then she avoided my gaze. What is this 3-step awkward meeting? Ah, there's her Kenji guy huh? Looks like he's helping or he's a member as well? The girl next to Kana-senpai, seeing her turn her head like that, followed her previous gaze and found me. Like Kana-senpai, her eyes sparkled as well but there's no step 2 and 3. She went out of the tent then ran towards me. "Hello hello, kouhai. Interested in joining our Literature Club?" So they're from the Literature Club. Is it hard getting a new member? Literature club sounds tedious. But if it's for just trying out. Why not? "I'm not that interested in Literature senpai. Sorry" "Just try it out please!" "Hmm okay. I'll try but I can't guarantee that I will join." "Don't mind it. It's enough that you want to try." She didn't wait for my reply and just pulled me to their tent. She shouted to the couple. "Kana! Kenji! I got one! Hehe" "Ah. You. You're interested?" Kenji guy said. "I'm only trying out senpai." I answered, then looked at Kana-senpai beside him. Looking at her troubled expression looks fun. "W-welcome." That's all she managed to say. I thought they would find it strange but neither the senpai who pulled me nor Kenji guy said so. "Haah Kana. Be friendly to our juniors. You're always like that." "You know she's like this, Ishida. Give her a break." Kenji guy defended Kana-senpai. "S-sorry, Rumi." Ah, that's why. This is good too. Anyway this Ishida-senpai, is she dating someone? Looking at her personality, probably not? Well, Kana-senpai is here and that's already good enough. "Um? So I'm just trying out. Can I go now?" There's no point staying here since it's just recruitment. I'll just go later for the tryout. "Ah wait. Kana. Go with him and show him our clubroom." Ishida-senpai. That's a very nice idea! If I can rate your club. I'll give it 6 stars! This is a chance. Kana-senpai looks up to Kenji guy like she's asking permission. Heh. That's nice too. Show me how you're into each other. Plucking Kana-senpai will be too good by then. Kenji guy nods at her. "Kana will show you our clubroom. And if possible you can read things we do there as well so you'll have an idea later." "Okay senpai. Thanks. Kana-senpai, please take care of me." This is exciting as well. This guy didn't know that she's sending his girl to me. I just hope there's no one in there. I can progress more with Kana-senpai. "F-follow me, uhm…" Ah right. She's acting like she doesn't know me. "Onoda Ruki. Call me any way you want Kana-senpai." "T-then, Ruki-kun." So it's not Onoda-kun now. We're getting closer it seems.
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