Spending the Two Hours *

1887 Words

When I felt the pair of soft lips dampening the head of my c**k, Nami's warm breath coming out of her nostrils followed after it. This was just her second time to do this but what I taught her back then was firmly remembered by her. "Ruu… I can, right?" Doing her best to make eye contact with me even with our current position, Nami inquired while her tongue peeked out to lick the tip. To answer her, I grabbed her waist and pulled her lower part that's already pointed at me, lifting her skirt to give me access to something even that Ogawa never had a chance to see for all the years that they were together, I traced my finger on her slit that's currently staining the thin piece of cloth covering it. "Ahh!" A rather surprised moan was instantly echoed by Nami. Following that, the tongue t

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