Walking Nami Home

1853 Words

Nami's neighborhood was unlike mine. Even if the moon was already up-high, illuminating this dark night where street lights couldn't reach, the people were still active. And being someone from this neighborhood, even just after leaving the Manga Café, we ran into people who were familiar with Nami. Luckily, it's already dark and people wouldn't really call out if they saw someone familiar. At best, they would give a curious glance. However, we're still as close as a couple that it would surely be taken as a fact for days to come. Whether Ogawa would hear about it or not, it's not in our hands anymore. "Nami, we've been walking in this street for a while now." "Hmm? Just go on, I'll tell you when it's time to turn." Still with that satisfied smile on her face, Nami's walking pace slowe

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