Making Myself the Villain

1642 Words

Due to what Tadano said, Nami once again entered the state of being frozen and not knowing how to respond. This girl… when it was really about Ogawa, guilt was most likely riddling her. Hence she needed time to prepare herself. As always, I kept my hold on her. To calm her down, I whispered while gently turning her head to face me. "Nami, you yourself know that this is bound to happen. Don't worry. I'm here with you." Letting our eyes meet, I believed that at this point, just hugging her tightly wasn't enough to get her out of her current state. Perhaps this event with Tadano might hasten that reveal. However, if we could still prevent it then I would. I don't know if it's only Tadano who heard about it or there were others but considering no one messaged Nami during our time together,

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