Going to the Meeting Place

1274 Words

Those two girls were calling me Onii-san since I was just an older male stranger. Once they found out that I was only a year older than them and that I am currently attending the nearby high school, they began addressing me as ‘senpai’. Ah no, it was only Sumire who did that, the other girl, Umi, was still wary of me which was normal in that case. Her friend was just too active that randomly chatting up a stranger ended up with them entering a bet and an exchange of contacts. Because they were going to the concert, I just bid them to take care before leaving the train. I didn’t inquire about Asahi or Yue. They’re just her regular fans. Ah, regular might be an understatement. Either way, I should just stand true with the words I uttered to myself.  Not to meddle with them anymore and no

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