Preventing a rift between the two sisters

1323 Words

“At least, you know. Don’t always force Onee-sama to do what you want.” Itou was sulking at her seat while still refusing to look at us but the way she said it was still full of concern for her older sister. “Ya-chan. As always, thank you.” Himeko gently pulled herself away and went over to her sister. Acting like the big sister that she was, Himeko hugged Itou to her chest. And such action was enough for the sulking girl to melt in her beloved sister’s embrace. After a while, I heard muffled sobbing from Itou as she also encircled her arms to her sister. Looking at this scene from where I was, it’s more like a mother comforting her child. Well, despite being an introvert, Himeko was truly giving off some kind of motherly vibe, especially when it comes to her sister. I could say with

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