First on the List: Lunch

1306 Words

“Oh… It’s truly quiet here.” Himeko marveled at the small hot pot restaurant that I picked for us. It was also located near their hotel. However, compared to that and the park near it, the location of this restaurant was at the top of a hill and close to a shrine where a Shinto Deity was being worshipped. I just had no idea which kind of Deity it was. Although I was doing the first shrine visits during every first day of the year, that was the only occasion I would be visiting one. It’s not a day for shrine visits so the place was kind of desolate. Nonetheless, this restaurant kept its business open. They still had customers at least, only they wouldn’t be able to fill up all the tables. “Here, Nee-sama!” Itou called out to us from the table she picked at the corner of the restaurant.

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