Another walk

1518 Words

Like Eguchi-sensei said, after we all returned from running, she had us sit on the ground to listen to her lecture about a topic in Physical Education. Because Eguchi-sensei had me stay behind, I was the last one to return to the Gymnasium, giving me no choice but to sit at the back. Furthermore, it also robbed the chance for Nami and the others to crowd around me. Well, it would be too obvious if they stood up and walked towards the back. That’s why I had them remain where they were sitting. At least, they’re together with the other girls and not around the other guys in our class. In any case, there’s still one girl who could move without being suspected. As soon as our gazes met, Rae, slowly but surely, inched closer to me. Twenty minutes into Eguchi-sensei’s lecture, Rae reached

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