I believe in you

1126 Words

“Don’t mind it, sensei. With the rumors flying around about me, it’s hardly a problem if my nickname from the students increased by one.” Although I said that to erase Eguchi-sensei’s apologetic expression, that’s the truth. What’s another nickname for me? It’s not like I cared about it. As long as the rumors, those nicknames or the achievements I was accumulating wouldn’t affect any of my girls, I’d choose to ignore it. “I feel responsible... I should’ve called on you during lunch to help me but you’re nowhere to be found.” Uh... I was always missing during lunch anyway. Unless that was scheduled early just like before when Eguchi-sensei told me to see her in her room, I wouldn’t go out of my way to change my schedule. “I see. Is it about the activity for today?” I intentionally igno

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