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Arisa-senpai kept reminding me about it being a one-time thing as we left the room to look for Izumi-senpai. However, before we decided to leave, we once again got taken in by the earlier mood when our gazes met. Also, knowing that we have the room to ourselves, it heightened that earlier desire. With gestures as our form of communication. I picked her up and sat her on the table. Arisa-senpai didn't resist and just let it happen again. She circled her arms to my neck to pull me in while I held her at her hips to also pull her in which made us become entangled to each other. When our lips met once again, we made out with a much higher intensity than earlier. From the normal kiss to sucking our tongues and neck. We only stopped when I tried to go lower than that in which we both stopped

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