1968 Words

I had nothing to do so while waiting, I went out to buy us drinks. There's still an hour left before the bell rang. My girls are all busy and I can't make an excuse to see Shio in her room. I have no choice but to pass the time with the two seniors. After arriving back in the room, Izumi-senpai already calmed down but she's still huddled up on Arisa-senpai's chest while she's patting her back. "Senpai, here drink this first." I handed two cans of soda to Arisa-senpai. She took it and mouthed her thanks before having the cold can of soda touch Izumi-senpai's cheeks which instantly made the latter quiver in surprise, separating her. "Arisa…" Even with her eyes, still a bit red from crying, Izumi-senpai pinched her friend's cheeks in retaliation before grabbing the can from her hand. "

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