Steering his Suspicion Elsewhere

1950 Words

"This way you'll understand it better, right? I used to live with her." Sakuma smiled shyly. Ah. This guy, he's probably thinking about that time. "You're a lucky guy. So how was it? Did you come to like her during your time there? One thing is for sure, Satsuki fell in love with him during that time. "We're pretty close during 6th Grade. I helped her with the bullies by receiving the beating instead of them." Eh? So you willingly got beaten up by Satsuki? Are you a masochist? Ah. He probably has that tendency. He's willingly receiving her insults now. "Man. Are you proud to be her punching bag?" "Yes? That's better than her getting into troubles for beating them up. She's kind of violent before. Plus her parents told me to look out for her." She's still a bit violent today but s

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