Karaoke Box

2148 Words

"Ruki…" Kana whispered in between our kisses. Her arms were completely clinging to me while our bodies stuck to each other. I successfully met up with her outside the Club Building after leaving Sakuma back there. During our walk to her bus station, Kana decided to stay a bit longer with me. Currently, we rented an hour on a nearby karaoke box so we can have our privacy and a place to talk. Well, we were reminded by the manager not to do things like this inside but we just couldn't help it. Even before we started playing a song to drown out any noise, I took Kana into my arms and kissed her. "We will get caught and kicked out by the management, Kana." I whispered to her in response to her calling my name. "Y-you started it, you bully. Take responsibility." Kana bit my lips after s

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