Granting her Wish

2311 Words

"Welcome home, husband!" Akane greeted me as soon as I entered from the door. She then jumped at me and kissed me more intimately than normal. It's like she was waiting for me at the door all this time or did she have a radar that could detect my presence? Ah. Right. That should explain why she's acting like this. It's because of Yae, isn't it? "Ah! Unfair, Shimizu! Welcome home, sweetie. Give me a kiss too!" Like I thought. Yae showed up seconds after Akane. She's still in her uniform but this girl, is that an apron she's wearing on top of it? Ah. Only now did I notice that Akane also has an apron on top of her clothes, so they're both at the kitchen? Are they cooking our dinner together? Well, this is new. Akane really detected my presence when I arrived at our doorstep that she

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