A Rather Busy Night (1) *

2422 Words

When Yae calmed down from my confession, Akane appeared from the bathroom. It's like she really timed her appearance until that moment. The tub was already heated. Since it's now part of our daily routine, I went in with her while Yae reluctantly went upstairs, to my previous room. Yae already called her house to tell them that she will stay at her friend's house. I already expected it to lead to this when I asked to meet her after school. Keeping in mind what my Mom told me, our current room was exclusively for me and Akane. No one can set foot in there apart from the two of us. Like what we always do, we washed each other's bodies and climb together in the tub. Akane didn't mention Yae or any other girls, for her, this alone time with me was precious so she didn't want to waste it t

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