A Rather Busy Night (2) *

2081 Words

"Haahh, sweetie. You told me you'll tell me what happened." Yae muttered after we're done doing one round. My c**k was still buried inside her as she gasped for breath. I slowly pulled it out and my semen started spilling out from her hole. The disheveled nightgown looked so sexy on her that I didn't take it off even with our intense lovemaking. Just looking at her again, half n***d with only that thin cloth covering her my desire for her was reignited. For a year that I haven't seen her, that one meeting last Sunday wasn't enough to fill in the longing I bottled up for her. It doesn't matter how many times I reflected, I'm really too dumb to let go of her back then. Now that her long wait was over. Yae happily accepted everything I was conveying to her. "Oh. I will. I just missed my

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