A Rather Busy Night (3)

1688 Words

After I left the room. I found Miwa-nee in the living room, drunk and asleep. Haa. Why didn't she go back to their room? She already finished two bottles and was probably in the process of downing the next when she got knocked out by it. My father will probably cry when he arrives home and sees his collection emptied by this beautiful aunt of mine. She looked so defenseless right now but yeah, I'm not someone who would assault an unconscious woman. But I couldn't just leave her here. I first went to the fridge to drink water to quench my thirst. This was the reason why I went down, those three rounds with Yae made me sweat a lot. After drinking, I poured another glass of cold water before bringing it to the drunk Miwa-nee. I nudged her for a bit but it seems she's too drunk to wake

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