Another PE Class (1)

2148 Words

Today is Friday and that means another PE class with Class 3, the class where Himeko's little sister is. The schedule for it will always be every Tuesday and Friday. We'll be joining Class 4 during Tuesdays and Class 3 during Fridays. Ah. I didn't go to their club despite the invitation by Hashimoto this Wednesday. When I saw him in class earlier, he asked me why I didn't show up at their club yesterday. He mentioned how they prepared an original game for me and even Himeko's little sister was excited to play that. In the end, they played it by themselves and well, Hashimoto described how shitty the game was. It's on par with the board games made by that Game Creation Club(Temp) from a certain comedy manga series. That sounds like a terrible club already if they keep on playing shitty g

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