Another PE Class (2)

2438 Words

"Huff… huff!" I passed by a girl from Class 3 who stopped and sat on the grass after 5 laps. She was breathing roughly and she might even collapse if not for the water someone gave her.  Well, unlike what I guessed, we're not running, we're just walking. How could someone be so tired from that? I don't know. Don't ask me. The teacher decided our PE class for today to be like this. Now we're like zombies walking round and round the track. Err... It's proven a bit effective to increase our endurance. We were told to walk around the running track for 20 laps. Everyone has to finish that or else, the content of the next PE class will be the same. "Onoda. Do you think everyone could finish 20 laps?" Sakuma asked me. He was following behind but it seems after 5 laps, he's also starting to

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