Few Minutes with Aya *

2330 Words

"What's this room?" Aya silently asked. Her eyes were scanning the room and when she couldn't see anything noteworthy, she turned to face me. After changing back to my uniform I waited for her and pulled her into the empty room near the restroom in the School Building. This girl tried her best to complete those 20 laps so I thought I should reward her or something. I couldn't think of any other form of reward so this alone time with her is the best I can come up with. Ah. You can say that this is also me wanting to be alone with her. I can feel my desire calling out to have her. I also wanted Satsuki, actually, but if we both disappeared, Sakuma will renew his suspicion about us. "This is just an empty room where we can be alone, Aya. You did well during PE." I closed our distance an

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