Changed Ogawa? (1)

1243 Words

"Isn't that the chance you're waiting for? He finally wants to talk to you." After replying like this to Hina's message, I observed her reaction from where I was. As expected, the girl bit her lips and turned her head to me. Perhaps, she's trying to see if I was serious with my answer. "What if he tells me that he accepts my feelings? What will you do?" "Hina, like I said before. The choice is all yours. If this is before, I will say I am going to steal you back if that's what he will say… However, on the off chance that he truly changed after a day and you choose to be with him, I won't stop you. Isn't this what we talked about this Tuesday?" Right. This was how it went back then. If she would really choose him after everything that happened between us, I wouldn't blame her and I wou

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