Changed Ogawa? (2)

1297 Words

As I peeked from where I was, the calmness of Ogawa was nowhere to be found anymore. His shoulders were shaking and his hands were clasped tightly into fists. Perhaps whatever he was trying to hold back earlier was now surging out of him. In front of him, I could only see Hina's back, slumped shoulders and lowered head. Seeing her like that, the urge to come and hold her up welled up inside me. However, I stopped myself from doing that. The girl also needs this. For her to truly decide for herself, she needed to hear Ogawa's words. Since I failed to hear their first exchange, I waited for a while before Ogawa opened his mouth again. "I'm sorry, Hina. It's like this. I like you as my friend but Nanami, I love her. You know that. You're all aware of that. I love her enough that I even

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