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After saying that and ending it with a threat, I brought Hina away from that place. I heard Ogawa muttering something as he called out to me but it's still his fantasy so I ignored it completely. How many times did I hit him with truths? But as always, he had gone back to that safe zone of his. Honestly, I was already itching to deal with him but in consideration of Nami, I couldn't yet. There's the risk that he would lose it now and tell everyone what's going on. Surely, if he did that, he was going to ask the others in their circle for support. In any case, it's something that would still happen sooner or later. What I had to prepare for was the aftermath. "Onoda. I will stop you from what you're doing! I will take her back! She's mine!" Before we left that place, Ogawa's voice re

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