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Both of us didn't say anything else after that but her tears continued to escape her eyes. In the end, the hand that I was using to wipe the tears off her face became so drenched from it that I had to use my handkerchief to continue. After doing that, I left it in her hand before standing up. "I will get us our lunch. Can you wait for me here?" Amidst her sniffs and quiet sobs, Hina weakly nodded her head. Upon seeing that, I caressed her head and lifted her chin. "I'm going to kiss you." Although that didn't sound like I was asking for permission which I promised to do for her, Hina nodded once more. She's confused and she's undecided. But here I was, taking advantage of this state of hers. However, at the moment, this was all I could do. I couldn't leave her here while crying lik

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