Suspect? (1)

1423 Words

After I dropped the lunchbox that was still wrapped in cloth on Hina's lap, I stepped back carefully, making sure not to touch the girl sitting on my previous seat. "Then why are you here?" The playful girl asked. Her eyes never left me. "Don't tell me you're alone here with Hina. Are you…" By the tone of her voice, Arisa-senpai had already reached her own conclusion as to why I was here. Her eyebrows furrowed further. While not breaking eye contact with me, she placed herself between me and Hina. Instinctively trying to protect the latter from my claws. "What is this? Are you going to lay your hands on everyone? Onoda-kun. Is Nanami not enough for you?" With a small sigh, Arisa-senpai then twisted her body to face Hina before taking the lunchbox I put on her lap, "Tell me, what did he

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