Suspect? (2)

1284 Words

Feeling her fingers pressing on my palm, I noticed how her grip was currently weak and shaking. Even after noticing that she's now holding onto my hand, Arisa-senpai didn't loosen her grip. Instead, she stepped forward, closing the distance between us to a mere few centimeters. "Senpai?" I couldn't help but ask her. At this point, I was clueless as to what's going on in her mind. Her suspicion about me wasn't easing up but now, she's not letting me go. Is it really not easing up? I don't know. Her suspicion was right anyway. Even after a few seconds passed, Arisa-senpai didn't respond to me. Because of how close we were, I could only continue observing her. At this moment, Arisa-senpai was biting her lips and her eyes were slightly trembling, the same way as her shoulders. When our

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