Arisa-senpai's Story

1286 Words

Before she began telling me her story, I suggested for Arisa-senpai to sit down first. Even though I liked our current position where she was leaning onto me and we're in each other's embrace, it's a bit unconventional to stay standing when there's a chair we could use nearby. My desire to be even closer to her could be set aside for now. What's important was still her well-being. When Arisa-senpai heard my suggestion, she only stared at me as we slowly released each other. While we moved from standing to sitting down side by side, none of us mentioned what we just did. And because of what she said, I stayed my hand and just sat next to her silently. "Onoda-kun. I believe Izumi already told you to stop any thoughts you have for me… That girl, ever since that time… she has been protec

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